Mia Turns 1 (Click here for a slide show)

Mia turned 1 on Nov. 7th. We celebrated her birthday as part of Guy Fawkes day a celebration by the English. The celebration was at Dana Point, at a beach. It was simple and sweet.
The past year has been a life changing one. We are still learning the tricks to being decent parents. It is not easy indeed :)

Carbon Canyon Fire (Click here for a slideshow)

Last week was one of the worst for Los Angeles and it's surroundings. Fires were raging with destruction levels never seen before. Many homes were lost and a lot more damaged.
The Carbon Canyon fire which was raging not far from where I live was one among them. Though I was not able to get close, I took a few pictures of the smoky skies over the weekend. I have not seen anything like this before.


CHANGE (click here for a slideshow)

CHANGE finally came yesterday. Ironically I voted for the first time after becoming a citizen of the United States last year and is humbling to realize that history was made. I stood in line for about 7 hours on Sunday to cast my early vote. Drizzle then rain then sunshine, it was emotional when I finally cast my vote knowing that history is in the making.