Mia Turns 1 (Click here for a slide show)

Mia turned 1 on Nov. 7th. We celebrated her birthday as part of Guy Fawkes day a celebration by the English. The celebration was at Dana Point, at a beach. It was simple and sweet.
The past year has been a life changing one. We are still learning the tricks to being decent parents. It is not easy indeed :)

Carbon Canyon Fire (Click here for a slideshow)

Last week was one of the worst for Los Angeles and it's surroundings. Fires were raging with destruction levels never seen before. Many homes were lost and a lot more damaged.
The Carbon Canyon fire which was raging not far from where I live was one among them. Though I was not able to get close, I took a few pictures of the smoky skies over the weekend. I have not seen anything like this before.


CHANGE (click here for a slideshow)

CHANGE finally came yesterday. Ironically I voted for the first time after becoming a citizen of the United States last year and is humbling to realize that history was made. I stood in line for about 7 hours on Sunday to cast my early vote. Drizzle then rain then sunshine, it was emotional when I finally cast my vote knowing that history is in the making.


Running For A Cause!

I will be running my 3rd marathon on February 1st , 2009 and this time I have decided to dedicate it for a cause. I will be running the Surf City marathon on behalf of "Free Wheelchair Mission" a non-profit organization whose mission is to transform lives through the gift of mobility.

Traveling in India, I have seen people drag themselves and in some cases confined to small spaces because they cannot afford a wheelchair. It is painful to watch what they go through and many of those images have had a deep impact on me.

I truly can relate to what "Free Wheelchair Mission" does in the developing nations by donating free wheelchairs to the needy. It is estimated that a staggering 100 million people are immobile due to the lack of a wheelchair.

By running this marathon I hope to raise funds and also awareness about the lack of mobility for millions of people in the developing world.

You too can donate for this worthy cause by clicking on the title of this post "Running For A Cause". You will be making a HUGE difference in someones life and I would be extremely THANKFUL for that.

Transforming Lives Through The Gift Of Mobility


40 ?

I turned 40 on September 30th. How do I feel? I really do not have an answer. My wife thinks I am still stuck at 17 :) . Thinking back I could have done many a things different but I guess life is all about learning. Born and raised in a small town in Southern India by humble parents and now living in Southern California with comforts one takes for granted, it has been an amazing journey filled with wonderful memories.

Looking forward to the years ahead. As they say "BRING IT ON" :)

More important than talent, strength, or knowledge is the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams. - Amy Grant


Mia on GMA (Good Morning America)

I shot this video of my daughter for ABC's Good Morning America. She is eating her yogurt wearing her favorite bib "GRANDMA SPOILS ME". Yes indeed grandma spoils her.