Running For A Cause!

I will be running my 3rd marathon on February 1st , 2009 and this time I have decided to dedicate it for a cause. I will be running the Surf City marathon on behalf of "Free Wheelchair Mission" a non-profit organization whose mission is to transform lives through the gift of mobility.

Traveling in India, I have seen people drag themselves and in some cases confined to small spaces because they cannot afford a wheelchair. It is painful to watch what they go through and many of those images have had a deep impact on me.

I truly can relate to what "Free Wheelchair Mission" does in the developing nations by donating free wheelchairs to the needy. It is estimated that a staggering 100 million people are immobile due to the lack of a wheelchair.

By running this marathon I hope to raise funds and also awareness about the lack of mobility for millions of people in the developing world.

You too can donate for this worthy cause by clicking on the title of this post "Running For A Cause". You will be making a HUGE difference in someones life and I would be extremely THANKFUL for that.

Transforming Lives Through The Gift Of Mobility


John said...

Giri what a wonderful post and what a wonderful man you are. Thank you for your support in helping to transform lives. I'll see you at the race and I hope before then at the dinner.
John Sexton; Acting Executive Director; Free Wheelchair Mission.

alexandra's kitchen said...

Giri, You are an amazing person! I love your blog. Everything about it looks great — the header, the sidebars, all of the info. I am really looking forward to following this. And thanks for sharing the info about the marathon. What an amazing cause! Good luck in your upcoming training. I cannot believe you have run 3 marathons. Totally amazing.